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Dom’s Junk Removal offers moving trash removal services for residential and commercial customers in Orange County. Need a quick and efficient solution to remove all that junk and trash from the move? We are here to assist you.

If old junk is piling up in your garage, storage, attic, backyard or any part of your home, this is where our moving trash removal service will come in. We will take care of all the non-hazardous waste and dispose them all so you’ll have more space for items or purposes that really matter.

We are aware that not all your unwanted items can be picked up by trash companies. So let us, the excellent team at Dom’s Junk Removal, eliminate those unnecessary items from your home and dispose of them for good. Save time and effort by requesting our moving trash removal service. We will do all the work while you relax and enjoy your reclaimed space.

From small items to big ones, we will haul all the junk away from your home or office. Downsizing or upgrading? You’d be surprised at how many extras show up at moving time. Our moving trash removal involves decluttering, pickup, and disposal. Gathering all the items and putting them out for trash collection will not be necessary. You don’t even have to carry all the huge and heavy stuff or figure out how to maneuver them out of your home or office. Dom’s Junk Removal will do it all for you all for you!

We offer flexible and simple online scheduling for our appliance removal service; all of this starting at a market leading $49.

CALL: 714-309-2257

Our moving trash removal team is licensed and insured to ensure the condition of your property and you satisfaction.

We at Dom’s Junk Removal practice responsible, eco-friendly disposal of waste. We guarantee you that we only use methods that are safe for the environment. We don’t simply send all of your moving trash to the dump, we recycle the things that can still be used for other purposes.

Look no further and choose us for your junk removal needs. Call Dom’s Junk Removal to ask for a free quote and schedule a no-obligation moving trash removal.

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